Sampling (and shooting) the Goods - Beth's Cafe

Sampling (and shooting) the Goods – Beth’s Cafe

Beth’s Cafe is Seattle’s truly classic 24 hour greasy spoon diner. It’s been around forever. It’s the place your parents remember (or barely remember) hanging out at as 20-somethings. You may have nodded off in one of their booths yourself after a long night out. Your kids will know it soon if they already don’t. It’s the place with a line out the door at 2am on a Saturday morning and 11am on a Sunday. Everyone loves the place and it probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Recently, Beth’s started selling fresh-baked breads and brownies, handmadeĀ in the space directly above the restaurant. They needed a few product photos and general restaurant and in-process shots for their website and marketing materials. Lucky for me, they just happened to need someone to sample the goods that day, too. I was happy to help on both counts.

Check out their goods below, with packaging design by graphic designer wunderkind Kelly Thompson.


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